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Will I get genital herpes worse from a partner who has bad outbreaks?

May 6, 2010 by  
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I have been diagnosed with genital herpes, but have never had any visible or difficult outbreaks that Im aware of(diagnosed 10 years ago). I am in relationship with a woman who also has genital herpes, but has the regular unpleasant outbreaks about every 18 months to 2 years. We are not yet sexually intimate and will not be until marriage. By becoming sexual with her, will it become possible that my herpes condition will become worse, perhaps, more of a severity like hers? Is there anything that can be done to lessen the effects of transmission, once we do become sexual?



4 Responses to “Will I get genital herpes worse from a partner who has bad outbreaks?”
  1. A THINKER says:

    Don’t engage in sex when your partner is in the breakout mode this is when the virus is at its peak,stay clear of sex and even kissing.This disease spreads through warm human saliva and body fluids.

  2. RPrincess says:

    Every person is different, her symptoms have nothing to do with yours. However, you should refrain from any type of intercourse while either of you are having an outbreak. Any other time you should be fine.

  3. seeitmiway32 says:

    This is a medical question; yo really need to ask an expert. But my inclination is to believe that maybe yes. There are many different strains of genital herpes, and hers is most likely different from yours. I think that you should consider taking Valtrex.

  4. mayflower25 says:

    You both have genital herpes. If you both have the same type ie type 2, you cannot transmit it to each other because you both already have genital herpes. You cannot catch the same type again. Having sex with her should not make the slightest difference. Do avoid having sex whe either of you is having an outbreak,but apart form that, why worry. It is all down, not the the virus, but to the immune system of the individual. I and my sister both have genital herpes type1. She gets horrible outbreaks once every few years, she went for six years without, I get very mild outbreaks every couple of months. People just have bodies that dela with the virus differently.

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