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Will genital herpes show up on a blood test required in Cancun to get married?

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We want to get married in Cancun. But on all the websites they want a bloodtest three days prior to our wedding. It also states if you have AIDS or an STD you can’t get married in Cancun. I have genital herpes and I’m wondering if this is something that would show up on the blood test. I don’t want to find out three days before our wedding that we can’t. That would be devastating!



11 Responses to “Will genital herpes show up on a blood test required in Cancun to get married?”
  1. IplayadoconTV says:

    Sorry about the herpes, but no, it won’t show up on an STD test.

  2. Ilovemykittycat says:

    I looked it up and I found that it can be detected by blood tests,but maybe they wont check for herpes I dunno ,wish u all the best tho

  3. ilovemyjames4life says:

    no only the HIV is tested through blood…

  4. JE says:

    Whoa… at first I thought your question was because you wanted to hide this from your fiance! To answer your question yes any STD will show up on a blood test, that is the reason the test exists. But I would check on the law again, because it doesn’t seem to make sense that it would be considered illegal as long as the other partner knows about it.

  5. amberW says:

    The answer is No.
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  6. lauren london says:

    You can still get married if you have herpes. They just require testing so they know your partner is aware. As far as blood tests. It can show, but I’ve been told it’s not 100% accurate.

  7. stacy says:

    i actually just went to the doctor not too long ago and they informed me that you can get a blood test now for herpes with out having an out break

  8. Melody says:

    If they test for it, yes. But, I don’t think they do. HIV, syphilis and Gonorrhea or more likely. and maybe to make sure you’re not related…….
    Your other knows about this, right?

  9. <3bug says:

    I have HSV (herpes simplex virus) antibodies in my blood but have never had any physical symptoms. The only way I found out was through a blood test specifically for the antibodies (x boyfriend was going into the military, they test for that). If you have Genital Herpes then you have HSV 1 or HSV 2 or both antibodies in your blood. However, most blood test for STDs are checking for syphilis or HIV, they commonly do not test for HSV antibodies since 90% of the population carries them. I think that you will be ok. Anyone that has even had a cold sore carries HSV 1 or 2 antibodies, they cant keep 90% of the population our of Cancun. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  10. midnightmoon62 says:

    You are getting inaccurate answers. I dont know if it will effect you getting married in Cancun, but contrary to other answers, HERPES CAN BE DETECTED IN A BLOOD TEST EVEN WHEN YOU DONT HAVE AN OUTBREAK. Herpes is a virus. As with any other virus, the antibodies are in your blood for life, and can indeed be detected by a blood test. In fact, that is how most people find out they are a carrier, a lot of people who have herpes dont even know without a blood test because they never have an outbreak.

    Although, almost everyone has atleast one type of herpes. Virtually everyone has the oral version. I dont think having herpes will prevent you from getting married, but you may need to check local laws because both forms of herpes are classified as an std

  11. girlsaiyan1979 says:


    I believe you are asking if herpes will show up on a typical STD bood panel. The short answer is no.

    Here’s the long answer FYI. There’s a special test for this. They wont find the virus unless they do a seperate test to search for it. New, accurate blood tests are available for both HSV-1 and HSV-2.These tests are called “type-specific.” Non-type-specific tests often confuse these two viral types, giving inconclusive results. Do you really think that Cancun will turn people away because they had mistaken the cold-sore type for the genital type? Nope…

    Here’s some more info on STD blood testing from Wiki.

    Most STD tests are blood tests, and are usually performed after symptoms are detected (disease), but may detect asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections. STD tests may test for a single infection, or consist of a number of individual tests for any of a wide range of STIs, including tests for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis and HIV tests. No STD procedure tests for all infectious agents, so it is important to be aware what organisms a given test screens for.

    Tests are available (at various costs) for nearly all STIs, though a few currently may only be found by testing specifically for the DNA of the infectious agent, such as HPV. Such recombinant DNA tests are prohibitively expensive and may have unacceptable rates of false negatives or false positives.

    In other words, have a great wedding!

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