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What are the odds of contracting genital herpes from your partner?

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My new girlfriend recently discovered she had genital herpes but has never had an outbreak. she found out after we had unprotected sex only once. i want to know the odds that i could have gotten it before i go and get tested. and what symptoms are easiest to see since some symptoms are present in most STIs.



3 Responses to “What are the odds of contracting genital herpes from your partner?”
  1. Vincent Adams says:

    Well i dont know all i know is “STI” is a subaru model

    STD is what ur looking for

  2. Elindriel says:

    Its a lot easier for a girl to get an STD from a guy then it is for a guy to get it from a girl. It has to do with the length of your Urethra. You should defiantly get tested, as you can easily become a carrier of the disease without ever showing symptoms.

    I hate to tell you this, but you should both get checked from HPV. The human Papallion Virus. I did not spell it right, but a LOT of chases of Genital warts are caused by this virus, and if left untreated, it can do a lot more damage to her then just warts.

  3. M2 says:

    STI = Sexually Transmitted Infection..
    Herpes can only be transmitted during a shedding event, which doesn’t happen often when symptoms aren’t present. So the risk of transmission isn’t high. But any risk at all is too high for some extremely risk averse people. Reducing risk to zero isn’t possible. But the already low risk can be reduced even further with suppressive medication and/or use of condoms.

    In most cases (70%) of Herpes infection, there are no symptoms whatsoever or the symptoms are so mild they go unnoticed. In those cases, a blood test is necessary for diagnosis. But even with a positive blood test, without symptoms, the location of the infection (genital vs oral) will be unknown. Contrary to popular myth, both Types (Type 1 &r 2) can reside in either location.

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