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Announcement: Natural Treatments for Genital Herpes, Cold Sores and Shingles

April 18, 2010 by  
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Product Description,This book discusses the major Natural and Alternative treatments for the Herpes Family viruses that have been documented in the Scientific and Medical Literature. It discusses several nutritional supplements and inexpensive over-the-counter medications that boost the immune system. It also discusses several foods, supplements and herbs that have anti-viral properties. The emphasis is on […]


What are the odds of me getting genital herpes when my boyfriend has cold sores?

April 23, 2010 by  
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My boyfriend performed oral sex on me last night, and today he found he has 2 cold sores. I want to know what the odds are of me getting genital herpes or if it’s even possible. He doesn’t have genital herpes by the way.