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Natural Cures for Genital Warts: How To Cure Your Genital Warts Naturally

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Product DescriptionHere’s just some of what’s inside. . . All About Genital Warts And HPV:Where genital warts come from, and what causes them. (page 6-18)What Causes Genital Warts:The most common causes of genital warts and what you can do to avoid a recurrence of them. (page 19-25)What You Can Do About Genital Warts:A simple guide to what you can do to cure your genital warts, along with the complications and risk factors involved. (pages 29)How To Deal With Genital Warts Emotionally:Why your emotions are important and how you can use even fear, anger, guilt and shame to help yourself. (pages 35-42)EVerything You Need To Know About HPV And Pregnancy:The facts you absolutely MUST know if you’re pregnant and dealing with genital warts. (pages 44-46)The 9 Most Effective Ways To Prevent Getting Genital Warts:These 9 simple steps have been proven over time to prevent getting genital warts! (pages 48-52)Medications 101: Everything you need to know about traditional medications you can take to cure genital warts. (page 57-62)Why Natural Remedies May Be The Answer You’re Looking For:Important considerations you should think about when deciding to cure your genital warts. (page 64)All About Herbal Cures:Herbal cures I’ve found most effective – and the ones that didn’t work so well. (pages 65-73)The Amazing Healing Power Of Tea:The most effective teas for not only helping your genital warts, but also giving you a healthier lifestyle. (page 72-76)The 6 Most Effective Vitamins And Minerals:Nothing works better than these vitamins and minerals to give you health and healing. (page 80-82)What Foods Help Cure Your Genital Warts:The healthiest types of foods to eat and why they work. (page 82)How Your High School Reading Teacher Can Help Cure Your Genital Warts. (Page 83)Do Alternative Treatments Work?My personal experiences with acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, heat pads, and hypnosis and my advice for you. (pages 84-86)Plus much more . . . This just scratches the surface of what’s in the book. You get everything you need to really get started curing yourself.


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