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My boyfriend has genital herpes can i still get pregnant by him?

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Ok so my boyfriend told me he has genital herpes. Is it possible for me to get pregnant by him in a safe way? Also, am i guaranteed to have genital herpes if we have unprotected sex?



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  1. miz kelly ★ says:

    yes you’ll most probably catch it to!
    there is no safe way to get pregnant at the moment! when the infection is gone it’ll be safe!! good luck!

    yes i know it’s forever, when i say “when the infection is gone” i mean when there are currently no symptoms. (if you don’t use a condom during a “no symptom time” there’s 5% chance of you catching it)

  2. Ms. Le'Kia says:

    Not necessiarly. Some people are sexually active with their partner who has herpes and they dont have it. You can take meds for it to reduce your chances of contracting it.

    If you do contract it, you need to tell your OB/GYN before delivery incase you’re having an outbreak when you get ready to have your baby. For more info, go to this website ( Hope this helps. Good Luck!!!!

    For Miz Kelly, herpes is for LIFE. The outbreaks come and go, but you have the virus forever!

  3. baw says:

    YES, you can get pregnant if he has herpes. Don’t ever have unprotected sex with him. You don’t want to have to tell your next boyfriend YOU have genital herpes.

  4. Giselle C says:

    If you two try to get pregnant during a time when he has no herpes outbreaks..there is still a small chance you could catch it. The virus is more contagous when there are visible symptoms. But with no symptoms present I’d say there is still maybe a 10% chance you could catch it. (You should talk all this over with your family doctor before rushing into anything). If your husband can successfuly get you pregnant without passing along the virus, you should be able to have a perfectly normal birth, as long as you two use condoms for making love afterwards. If you do happen to catch the virus, dont panic, its not the end of the world! Its just a virus and is not life threatening. However it is harmful to a new born baby, so if you catch the virus while getting pregnant, I would recommend a C section, too protect the baby from catching the virus during birth.

  5. fastplayer37 says:

    hi yes you will catch it eventually. It may take a while, i read anywhere between 4 months or so. Me and my bf have been together for 1.5 years and he hasnt got it yet but i know he eventually will be my ex caught it too after a while. The only way you wont catch it is if your bf takes medications everyday and lets you know when he is going to get a prodome. I can usually tell when something is going to happen b/c i will get itchy or swollen or tingling. Ive also gotten a rash just from constant friction down there when i ride my bike for hours. I have to take meds when i think im going to break out and i usually refrain from intercourse until i know im safe again. But you cant tell when you are shedding the virus!! You will catch it though condom or not depending where his lesions are located. If he has the lesions on the base of his penis or near the scrotal area, you will get it b/c a condom cant cover this part up. you catch herpes skin to skin contact.

    Now as far as having a baby, man o man!! I have gotten so much research on neonatal herpes b/c im due any day now to have my baby. Luckily, ive had herpes for 5 years so my chances of giving it to the baby are very low 2/10,000 but ifyou catch herpes while you are pregnant you have a 60% chance of giving it to your baby and neonatal herpes is very dangerous. Causes blindness, neurological damage, organ failure, and sometimes death. Please do alot of research first before getting pregnant. Yes your boyfriend can get you pregnant. There is nothing wrong with his sperm but if you catch the virus while pregnant it wont be nice and you will have to get a c-section and that still doesnt guarantee a healthy baby. Im worried still even though my chances are low b/c ive develop maternal antibodies and my baby is protected but there is still that risk.

    I advise you to read about neonatal herpes before you decideto have kids so that you know what you are up against. You also know that you have to refrain from intercourse in teh last trimester so that the baby doesnt catch it if it already hasnt. This is also a must! You will also have to take meds while pregant in the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy.

    I think having a relationship wiht your bf is a wonderful thing and you shouldnt judge him by this. I have it and am lucky t be with a man who understands and we have had a good sex life. Honesty is key here. I will be honest and say that its not that bad after the first breakout. The first time is the worst. It hurts so bad and i could barely walk!! But afterwards its just an annoynace but goes away quicly with meds and it isnt that bad. The only thing is that when you start dating new people, you will be stigmatized or people may get turned off. It sucks. Some celebrities that have herpes are: Angelina Jolie (she had all csections), Posh spice and her husband (she also had csections), tony benett, liza minelli, jessica alba, dennis rodman, pamela anderson, brittany spears, paris hilton, and a few other stars.

  6. Katie says:

    If you have sex with him without protection, you have a good chance of getting genital herpes. However, there is always a chance that you won’t get infected.

    A great alternative is to do artificial insemination. That way, you would not be infected with herpes. You would go to the doctor’s office and he would give a sample of his sperm. The doctor would then use an instrument to insert the sperm into your body.

    Go to an OB/Gyn doctor and ask. There are tons of fertility clinics around the country that do artificial insemination. They often see couples that in your same boat. One partner has an STD and they want to conceive without transmitting it to their other partner.

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