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Mineral Detox as a Herpes Cure

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Many are finding out that herpes viruses are much more prevalent and much more dangerous than anyone ever imagined.
Dr Robert Sinnott reported research has revealed a new clue to the mysterious connection between herpes viruses and connective tissue disease. He explains: “Herpes viruses have long been known to cause human diseases. But we’re finding out that they are much more prevalent and dangerous than anybody ever imagined.”

The herpes family of viruses includes Simplex 1, and Simplex 2. Researchers continue to identify new strains. All the known strains are highly infectious, and can be easily transmitted by hand-to-hand contact. Even touching a contaminated doorknob can lead to herpes infection.

Most people are infected by herpes viruses early in childhood – 99 percent of the population has at least one herpes virus. The most well-known is the virus that causes chickenpox. But there are many others that cause brief flu-like symptoms, and then seemingly disappear. The viruses don’t actually disappear at all – they just go “underground” in the tissues of the body. Researchers have discovered that these so-called ‘dormant’ viruses may actually be replicating at a very low level, causing cumulative damage that manifests itself in middle age. Many herpes viruses hide out in nerve tissue. People who have shingles often feel a burning pain in their nerves before the shingles appear. A certain group of herpes, viruses can hide in the connective tissue.
Until now, there are no existing herpes cures although there are ways to remedy the pain caused by the herpes virus. How about detox as a cure for herpes? If you’re a person infected with herpes, it is without a doubt that you’ve scoured the Internet as well looking for possible herpes cures and might have encountered a website called Resolve Herpes that claims that detox can cure herpes. But is it true?
The Resolve Herpes website claims that if you take their product (which appears identical to the product they are marketing to Resolve Arthritis), your body will become herpes virus free – and that you will be able to test for this 90 days after finishing the treatment.

Although Resolve Herpes is clearly trying to market their product as a way to cure herpes, they are very careful to only imply that their product is a herpes cure, without ever saying it. Why? To quote their own website:

ResolveHerpes is an all-natural product that has not undergone the immensely expensive and time-consuming process of obtaining FDA approval as a “drug.” So, like so many other all-natural products, ResolveHerpes is prohibited from claiming that it can “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”
That’s fortunate because there is no evidence that this product works. The company admits to have no peer reviewed research to support their website claims. They stated that they intend to publish a book about the product, but, unlike with research papers, in a book there is no review process to see if claims are supported.
Based on the current lack of evidence, it can be comfortably stated that:
1.    There is no evidence that Resolve Herpes works.
2.    There is no reason why a “detox” treatment should be able to cure herpes.
3.    Even if a mineral treatment did boost the immune system it would not cure herpes. Many people with healthy immune systems are infected with herpes. Their immune system may help keep their herpes infection under control and reduce the number of herpes outbreaks, but it does not cure herpes disease. Right now, doctors believe that once you are infected with herpes virus, you are infected for life.
People who want to believe that this medication can cure herpes will find a way to do so. There are after all many people desperately hoping for a herpes cure; these are people who look for any evidence at all that the claims could be true, while ignoring any evidence that it is not.
The Resolve Herpes advertisements imply it is a surefire cure for genital herpes, but there is no data to support its claim. Again, we stress that currently there is no herpes cure available. One day there may be a cure for herpes, but right now your best bet is to focus on managing the virus and figuring out the best way to live with your disease. If you have frequent herpes outbreaks, supressive therapy may be a good option, but if you really want to spend $300 on a more “natural” treatment consider using it to pay for yoga classes or some other stress-busting technique. There is actually a reasonable amount of peer-reviewed evidence suggesting that stress can make herpes outbreaks worse, and lowering your stress level would probably be a good idea even if it didn’t help you manage your infection.


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