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Is it possible to have genital herpes on the lower legs?

June 5, 2010 by  
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I’ve had this rash on my lower legs for the two weeks. I had sex with someone before who I later found out had genital herpes, but I had two blood tests for herpes since which both came out negative.

Lately I’ve been getting a small red spot around my hip and a few on my lower legs and ankles, but I don’t know if it’s herpes or skin that’s been irritated from scratching (I tend to scratch my skin when it gets dry and itchy in the winter).

So is it possible to have herpes on the lower legs or is it most likely something else?



4 Responses to “Is it possible to have genital herpes on the lower legs?”
  1. bmac says:

    Oh my God. Then it wouldn’t be GENITAL herpes, would it. Since gential herpes is in your GENITALS.

    Try something for your dry skin. You probably have contact dermatitis. It happens when you get really dry skin. It gets irritated by everything, bath soap, shampoo, laundry detergent.

    Cetaphil is a really good cream/lotion for dry skin.

  2. rftdwg says:

    I have never heard of it on the lower legs or on the hip. It is most likely from dry skin.
    Make sure you use condoms from now on and you won’t need to worry so much.

  3. seldom seen says:

    Of course not. It has to be something else.

    I suffer from VERY dry skin and have for many years. I have several ways to deal with it. To feel my skin, you would never know I have a problem.

    I use Eucerine cream (in the tube), extra dry skin formula. It’s very thick and somewhat hard to spread but well worth the time it takes to apply it. Put it on every time you bathe or shower, just after you towel off. Skin is most receptive to moisturizing at that time and you will be holding the water in with the cream. Use it on EVERY inch of your body. I also use the lotion in the pump bottle in between baths. I bathe every morning and use the lotion every night before bed. Don’t bathe in hot water as this is very drying. I also use oil of olay or neutragena shower gels. I have used much more expensive ones but it seems to make no difference, so why bother. If you use bar soap you might try white Dove unscented.

    Once a month I have a parifin dip and wrap done at my salon on both my hands and feet. I also wax and don’t shave and this, I think, makes a lot of difference.

    The skin on your shins is very thin, so if you are scratching I can see why it might be a problem. As the first poster stated, you are probably scratching and then causing contact dermititis by irritating it and then exposing it to soaps and laundry detergent etc.

    Also be sure to wear nothing higher than crew socks as this could be causing an irritation.

    As for also having a spot on your hip, if these symptoms continue, you mgiht want to see a dermatologist, especially if you have other symptoms. You may have something systemic going on.

  4. Tempest88 says:

    Sorry folks, but Herpes viruses can appear anywhere on your body. They look like red blisters, and they cluster like on a lip with a cold sore. IF you have them on your legs it would more likely be from exposure to Herpes I (non-genital) in your childhood. IF you don’t have burning or pain at the redspots then it is likely dry skin.
    As someone else said, wear condoms and avoid catching a lifetime STD.

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