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Announcement: Is it possible to get genital herpes on the back of your leg?

April 18, 2010 by  
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My daughter gets a patch of small blisters on the back of her leg just below her right buttock about every 3 months or so. Her leg swells in that area and gets red and tender then itches and a patch of blisters pops up. The tiny blisters burst, then scab over in about a week and slough off. She also says she gets tenderness in her r groin. Could this be herpes. I don’t know what to tell her? I thought herpes only came in genital area’s. She says she doesn’t have the blisters on her genital area.



4 Responses to “Announcement: Is it possible to get genital herpes on the back of your leg?”
  1. Savitha Suri says:

    genital herpes appears on genitals, buttocks, thighs. Please get her blood checked.

  2. origamimark says:

    Take her to a doctor and get this properly diagnosed and treated.

  3. Cand says:

    sure it is possible. infact its sounds like one. my advice is u take her to see a doctor

  4. Monique Nunya says:

    dose she have any alergys? it probably an alergic reaction to somthing that her leg keeps coming in contact with…?

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