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Is it possible a doctor would lie about your genital herpes test?

May 20, 2010 by  
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What if companies like Valtrex pay doctors to lie about your genital herpes test results just so they will recommend you medication?

I mean, think about it. They say most people don’t even know that they have genital herpes because they show no symptoms. So if a person is in fear and doubt that they have the disease, who’s to say that a doctor won’t tell you false-positive results and prescribe you suppressant medication?



9 Responses to “Is it possible a doctor would lie about your genital herpes test?”
  1. linda h says:

    No. Doctors fear malpractice.

  2. Illillillillillinoischick says:

    What it’s to much for you to accept the fact that you were stupid and allowed yourself to get herpes?

  3. littlost says:

    NO. If you can’t believe your doctor them what?

  4. Sue B says:

    Well, in your way of thinking, I suppose alot of dr.s could be telling people they have all sorts of things. You hear every day how people are being mis-diagnosed.
    I believe the dr.s in smaller communities would or may fall under this way of thinking…………they don’t make the big bucks big city dr.s do and they probably also get talked into buying STOCK

    Good point. I bet it can happen!! and does!!!

  5. Mariea W says:

    No, I highly doubt a doctor would lie about it….

  6. ♥Miss Conduct♥ says:

    I find that to be a reasonable question, but no, I don’t believe a doctor would lie to you about something like that. Granted doctors do get kick backs for prescribing certain medications, but its nothing compared to what they would have to pay if they got sued for malpractice.

  7. LINDSEY S says:

    well that is some paranoid thinking. Doctors shouldn’t lie about test results just to get u to buy medication. it goes against their credentials and what their oath stands for.
    that is a fact that most people don’t know that they have herpes because they may never show symptoms of it. this is because herpes can lie dormant for a long time. that doesn’t mean that they should go run out and buy medication.
    for herpes testing there can be false positives and negatives if there are not enough anti-bodies for herpes built up in your system in order to test for it (if u do some research u will find that out). if u think they are lying then go to another doctor and get a second opinion.
    my doctor hasn’t lied about one single thing yet and i have been going to her for over 20 years. she always shares the numbers and test results with me.

  8. Rivergirl100 says:

    This is not something that doctors would need to lie about. All they would need to do is order non-type-specific herpes test.

    Almost everyone (50% to 80% of adults) has oral herpes. If a doctor ordered a blood test for herpes, it would come back positive most of the time. They could then tell you that you needed Valtrex to protect your partner from catching your herpes. The word “herpes” scares people so much that many of them would actually do this.

    Now, I have never heard of a doctor ordering a blood test for herpes without prompting. Even when you ask for a “complete STD screening” they often exclude herpes.

    Has there ever been a doctor in the history of the world who has lied about test results? Probably. What is the likelihood, if you were just diagnosed with genital herpes, that your doctor is lying? Effectively zero.

  9. Bakunyū says:

    OK… 1. That is retarded… That would be like doctors telling you that you have cancer so they can get the money from giving you chemo…

    If you have herpes, you will KNOW IT… If you are on suppressive therapy or not… Even while on Valtrex and it’s sister drugs, you can STILL have outbreaks…

    A doctor can’t lie about something that is as visible and itchy as blisters on your dong…

    Hell… Why stop at telling a lie! He could GIVE YOU herpes while he is down there taking a swab!

    Honey… Doctors have ETHICS…

    A doctor may put a patient on a name brand drug but they ONLY PUT THE PERSON ON THE DRUG IF THEY NEED A DRUG LIKE THAT ONE!

    You don’t but non diabetics on diabetes medication…

    But if you have depression and have to choose between 20 different med’s, your doctor may be biased by adds and shwag.

    The vow of the doctor is to DO NO HARM and telling a lie about a diagnosis is doing harm.

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