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How soon after exposure to cold sore herpes (type 1) in your genital area, would you start to see symptoms?

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I think I may have contracted genital herpes through my partner’s cold sore. It was not totally active at the time- it had already scabbed over and was almost healed. He has never had genital herpes and this is the only thing I can attribute it to. Does this now mean I could have type 1 or type 2 herpes?



3 Responses to “How soon after exposure to cold sore herpes (type 1) in your genital area, would you start to see symptoms?”
  1. dnd3d says:

    If you get infected from oral herpes on your Vagina, you would have gHSV1. Sammy is wrong, if someone has cold sores you can get herpes down there, because cold sores are herpes.

    Just because your partner thinks he doesn’t have genital herpes it doesn’t make it so. He could have genital herpes and not even know it. I have gHSV1, I have one maybe two obs a year. They’re painless and go away in a day or 2. From what I know I might have more but herpes can be so minor, sometimes they can be overlooked.

    Keep in mind herpes can be transmitted even if your partner doesn’t have any open sores.

  2. punkins_wife121705 says:

    first YES you do get genital herpes from oral sex if your partner has a cold sore (hsv 1). Once you have come in contact with hsv1 on you genital area, you will then have hsv2 or genital herpes. it generally takes 14 days or more if you are going to have an outbreak. some people dont have an outbreak. you can go to you primary physician to get a blood test to check for hsv 1 &2. good luck

  3. hellokatie20 says:

    YES, you can get herpes if someone who has cold sores/herpes orally would give you oral sex. You need to not let your boyfriend give oral sex without a dental damn, unless you are willing to possibly get herpes.

    I have had herpes since I was 19 as a result from getting oral sex from someone with hs1, and now i get outbreaks on my genitals. So what I am saying is it is contagious all the time, you can catch it and your boyfriend needs to know this as well, because he could have infected other people.

    and personally, don’t get herpes for anyone. It’s not worth it, because herpes is forever and maybe not always a boyfriend.

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