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How long can it take for genital herpes symptoms to effect?

May 24, 2010 by  
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Today my girlfriend tells me her doctor says she has genital herpes… we have been together about 3 1/2 months, I do not have herpes. Does this mean she has been cheating on me or can it take this long for symptoms to occur?



4 Responses to “How long can it take for genital herpes symptoms to effect?”
  1. ***~*** says:

    Symptoms might NEVER show up with herpes. You may even be the carrier.

  2. Erica says:

    It can take any amount of time to show. Sometimes 6 months or sometimes even more. The best thing to do is to get yourself checked because if you do have it, even though you don’t have symptoms, you can still spread it around to other partners. Stop the cycle and stop the wondering and just go get checked out. As for her cheating, she could have had it before she met you but just now found out but that’s between you and her and your trust.

  3. LINDSEY S says:

    It doesn’t mean that she has cheated on you, you can get herpes while being monogamous. All it takes is for your partner not to know that they have herpes.She could have gotten herpes from a past partner or even from you.
    Not only genital herpes causes herpes below the waist, oral herpes can cause break outs below the waist as well. If you have cold sores (they are contagious and caused by oral herpes) then you could have passed cold sores to her genitals.
    The normal time to show symptoms is between 2-30 days but you could go longer then that with out showing symptoms because your immune system can suppress herpes (they can do a blood test for herpes antibodies, if you have cold sores you will test positive for HSV1 remember that’s what causes cold sores) for months after contraction.
    Who knows you may have escaped getting herpes, or may never show symptoms. There are things she can do to help prevent you from getting herpes.
    Just because your partner has herpes that doesn’t mean you will automatically have herpes but you may eventually contract herpes from her.
    You may want to visit your doctor and get tested for herpes, there is no way of telling for sure how long she could have had herpes.

  4. justabigfan says:

    I apparently had it for years before I had an outbreak. I was married almost 5 years. I did not cheat on my spouse, and my spouse never got them, so I had to have had them for a very long time without knowing it.

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