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Could there be Intimacy with someone living with genital herpes?

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Could two people have intimacy together if one partner has genital herpes and the other does not? Of course, If the proper precautions were taken and they were fully informed about the situation. And if so, what are some steps or bits of advice that they could benefit from?



11 Responses to “Could there be Intimacy with someone living with genital herpes?”
  1. Kate V says:


  2. rhsaunders says:

    Presumably, if one had an adequate stock of condoms.

  3. catzrme says:

    Yes, they can. Communication is the key and precaution. The person with the genital herpes needs to keep their partner informed as to their “infectious” times. That is all. Condoms help during ANY time, so it is best to always use them. Plus, there are suppressant drugs that can be used, but it is still possible to transfer the infection, so always use a condom whether you have an outbreak or not. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, one of us has genital herpes, the other does not. It is possible to have a long and loving relationship and live with genital herpes.~

  4. IronJaTrusa says:

    DONT DO IT I HAVE HEARD SOME WAR STORIES! What if he/she leaves you after you get that shit?

  5. amf9831 says:

    make sure you wear a raincoat!!!

  6. Ryu says:

    Would not advise trying it… But if you feel the need to, use a condom.

  7. Tiffany says:

    yes…of course. my husband has it and I don’t. We’ve been together for 10 years. most of which NOT using a condom. I remain free of the disease. You just have to be a bit more careful and cautious.

  8. mollinity says:

    It’s not gross. Its just a disease like any other. If you truly love someone, it would be gross to let something like that get in your way.

    There are many medications that are available today that reduce the symptoms/contagiousness of genital herpes.


  9. Black Sheep says:

    The only advice of benefit is:
    Sure, go for it if you want to pay a high price for that intimacy …it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime. There is no cure…no matter how they try to glamorize and sell medication ads with “loving” couples in it. The little bonus bag that goes with Herpes…is the reputation of a skank, your births will all be Ceasarian and the women at work will fear using the same bathroom. How cool is that?

  10. caramel_delight says:

    Very immature people on this site. Genital herpes is no different from all those people who get cold sores on their lips, except genital is exactly where it says it is. Take meds if you have frequent outbreaks and avoid sex when you have an outbreak. It will not kill you and people do it everyday. Just be sure to inform your partner since the disease can be spread even if there is no sign of an outbreak. Avoid oral sex unless you use a dental damn or condoms. If you are not trying to conceive or your partner is ok with it, you may not need condoms at all.

  11. mayflower25 says:

    Of course. Many partners in committed relationships where one has genital herpes either use condoms and avoid outbreaks, and/or use suppressive therapy such as valtrex.

    Many couple choose not to use protection after a while if their relationship is longterm, especially if they want children. You need not only to avoid when visible sores are presnt, but when you are tired, run down or getting a cold or the flu, and if you are ever experiencing prodrome or warning symptoms such as sore buttock/thigh nerves, or tingling in the genital area. Many couples use just this precaution and one partner stays negative for the virus for many years.

    I have genital herpes, I and my partner do not use precautions. However, like over half people with genital herpes I have hsv-1 rather than hsv-2. Hsv-1 is the virus that causes most oral cold sores. Since my boyfriend gets cold sores, his chances of catching genital herpes from me are extremely low, so it isn’t something we worry about. We have even had sex while I have been having an outbreak, by accident. without him catching it down below.

    Remember, genital herpes is a silent epidemic. It is very common – one in four women have it and by middle age that figure is a minimum of one in three. And most people are not aware that they are infected. It isn’t tested for on a standard std screen either – so even if you think you are ‘clean’ you may well not be.

    Having genital herpes is no worse or better than having cold sores on your mouth, and is just as minor. Like cold sores, some people get one and never have another, some people are plaguedby them, some people get tiny ones, some get huge painful ones. Yes, the ones who get bad ones think it is the end of the world, as do those who have terrible cold sores. For the majority it is very minor physically.

    I get yeast infections several times a year. I started getting them when I statrted having unprotected sex with my second boyfriend and they have been an issue for me ever since. If you told me I could get rid of one for good, herpes or yeast infections, I’d get rid of the yeast infections like a shot. Having a yeast infection is far, far worse than having a herpes outbreak. Having herpes is a walk in the park.

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