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Can someone have genital herpes for years with no signs of an outbreak?

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Is it possible to have your first outbreak of genital herpes after being with someone for 15 years and they have had no signs of it? Is it also likely that she may have cheated on me, as I have been faithful??



6 Responses to “Can someone have genital herpes for years with no signs of an outbreak?”
  1. bloodclart2001 says:

    No it is not possible to have herpes for 15years and then have an outbreak.

  2. Army Wife says:

    Yes it is i have that and it took the docs a year to find out i had it because it lays dormat in the body so yes you can have it for 15 years then it just shows up have it check dear

  3. Ashleigh says:

    YES absolutely. It can lay dormant for years even decades and then show up. When you get an STD check always ask for herpes or they won’t do it. typical std screens do NOT include herpes. Also the ignorance surrounding this disease is astounding. 1 in 4 people have it and 80% do not ever show symptoms or have mild symptoms. so she may have had an outbreak but b/c it didn’t look like those horror pictures you see on google images she may have thought it was ingrown hairs or something else.

  4. pinspeed1 says:

    yes it is possible that it was dormant and also yes it is possible that she was cheating and caught it.

    here is another possibility:

    she had it but was “asymptomatic”. or was inside her vagina and she truly didn’t know she had it. as time wore on, it moved to an area which was more visible.

    here is yet another scenario:
    she has acquired type I on her vagina from you orally.

  5. lammylady says:

    Yes, entirely possible.

    Herpes can lie dormant in your own body for many years before presenting with symptoms. In fact, 80% of people who catch it are completely unaware of their infection.

    You can also catch it from a partner who has been infected for many years but is one of the 80% who are unaware they are infected with it. It isn’t at all unlikely to catch it this far into a relationship – how infectious a person is depends on how well their body controls the virus – people with herpes can be infectious for as much as 75% of the time or less than 1% of the time.

    Your partner could also have oral herpes (cold sores) caught as a child. 80% of adults have oral herpes, and it can be passed to the genitals through oral sex, even without symptoms.

    I developed genital herpes 7 years into my relationship with my boyfriend. He caught oral herpes as a child and suffered from occasional cold sores, but had no symptoms when he infected me through giving me oral sex.

    This happens a lot – and it does not mean a partner has cheated.

  6. easytofool says:

    Yes. It is possible.

    Read more- Episodes Of Genital Herpes

    Genital herpes outbreaks take place from time to time. These outbreaks are called episodes. After the first episode, the virus goes to the nerves at the end of the spinal cord and travel back to genitals from time to time. Let us look at how the whole disease progresses after the virus enters the body.

    The first time you contract herpes virus, the virus commonly multiplies rapidly. After multiplying, the virus causes the first outbreak of genital herpes generally within a fortnight of contact. This is called the first episode. In most people, the first episode is most severe.

    First Episode Of Genital Herpes
    Though most people get severe symptoms of herpes in this episode, others may get very mild symptoms during the first episode. The main symptom is appearance of lesions. Blisters filled with fluid or ulcers appear. The blisters rupture into ulcers in few days and crust and heal within a month. After the first episode, the virus travels back to its resting place near spinal column.

    Some people get very mild symptoms such as itching and burning. Because of the mild symptoms, herpes may remain undiagnosed in these people. Some people treat herpes symptoms as insect bites, urinary tract infection, yeast infection or some such thing. Our mind tries to wish away the possibility of herpes and comes out with other ideas. This misdiagnosis causes maximum transmission unknowingly. If you get any herpes symptoms repeatedly ask your doctor to get you tested for herpes.

    Recurring Episodes Of Herpes
    After the first episode, the herpes virus travels back to the nerves at the base of the spine and remains dormant. When it gets triggered, it travels back to the genital area and causes outbreaks and then travels back to the nerves. Think of an aircraft, which remains in its hangar and flies out when instructed and then goes back to the hangar. Herpes virus behaves similarly. As there is no permanent cure of herpes, the virus remains inside the body for life.

    Most of the recurring episodes resolve quicker than the first episode. While some people may get upto eight recurring episodes of genital herpes in a year, others may get only one or two episodes. The recurrence depends upon the individual and triggers of genital herpes. Certain factors trigger genital herpes. To avoid repeated occurrence, watch for the triggers and avoid them.

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