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Can people get genital herpes even without having sex?

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Please don’t make fun. I have painful swelling in my private area every once in a while and it hurts really bad (outside). I am not sexually active, I have NEVER had sex. I know someone who do have genital herpes and I am sometimes around them but I have never slept with her. What is this and how can I get rid of it? Should I be worried, because I am.



8 Responses to “Can people get genital herpes even without having sex?”
  1. Rachael says:

    yes, u can get them by sharing clothes with someone on accident or on purpose, or public toilets!

  2. Jessav says:

    Sharing clothes, touching the infected part and then touching others, taking a bath on the same shower (not at the same time) can cause the infection to spread.

    Go see a doctor, they understand this wasn’t caused by sexual relations, it can happen.

  3. LINDSEY S says:

    NO you’re not likely to get genital herpes with out having oral sex or sexual intercourse. It’s not passed through sharing clothing or other objects because it doesn’t survive on surfaces for more then seconds. It’s also not spread through bath water. You’re also not likely to get herpes from a toilet seat, or by just touching some one that has it. If you haven’t had oral sex or sexual intercourse you shouldn’t have herpes below the waist. It could be a bladder infection or a bad urinary, tract infection or pelvic inflammatory disorder (PID)but you may want to see your doctor or gyno to be on the safe side, the swelling doesn’t sound good and they can give you some thing to treat it with.

  4. milani says:

    you can get it from oral too

  5. Josh says:

    somebody could have been touching themselves then touched you maybe?

  6. Erin says:

    Herpes is one of those infections that is transferred from SKIN TO SKIN contact. But It doesn’t sound like that’s what you have. Please, go to your doctor and get diagnosed. If it does end up being herpes, that does not necessarily mean it’s the end of your life. It is manageable. But, if it’s something else, it can likely be treated. But without going to a doctor, you will never know. And letting it go can cause worse problems just be leaving whatever this is untreated.

  7. Sarah C.V. says:

    first of all to all the dummies saying sharing clothes and stuff thats wrong. second of all, genital herpes cant be transmitted unless u have sex. thats y its called STD sexualy transmitted diseases. and this may seem weird but if ur still not convincened check ur vagina and see if there are any blisters, plus the most common symptom (if it appears) is painful urnination. and if u have herpes,u would have flu like symptoms IF ur symptomatic, but no sex= no herpes or other STDs u might have an infection which is completly different. U DONT HAVE IT 😀 hope this helped clear some things XD

  8. Meda says:

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