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Can my husband get the genital herpes if I gave him oral sex and had a fever blister?

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I’ve had a fever blister/cold sore for about 3 days ! Is my husband going to get genital herpes?
How will I know if he got it?

How long does it take to show up?

Do you get a blood test to confirm?



6 Responses to “Can my husband get the genital herpes if I gave him oral sex and had a fever blister?”
  1. Melissa B says:

    He could, that is a way it spreads.

  2. Dr. C says:

    Yes, he could. Traditionally, fever blisters (oral herpes) was due to herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1), while genital herpes was due to HSV2. This is no longer the case. As you suggest, the chances of transmitting herpes increases with open sores. However, people can still spread the disease even without visible sores (asymptomatic shedding). Thus, it is possible that you could have transmitted the HSV virus to your husband, giving him genital herpes.

  3. mande95747 says:

    Yes, yes, for crying out loud.

    DO NOT go down on him until way after it goes away.
    This is how a lot of people get herpes.
    Then he can pass it to you, and both of you have 100% genital herpes.

  4. kensington says:

    As others have said, yes. But maybe you got the oral herpes from him?

  5. Jenni Fraun says:

    Yes, i have HSV-1 but only on my vagina, i don’t have cold sores.

  6. mayflower25 says:

    Yes. 50%+ of genital herpes infections are now caught that way these days, through receiving oral sex from someone that gets fever blisters… it is very common.

    80% of people have oral herpes (aka fever blisters) and those that do aren’t at all likely to catch the same virus genitally. So it is more than likely that your husband has the same virus as you on his mouth already, and if he has he is very unlikely to catch it genitally this way.

    If he DOESN’T already have hsv-1 orally, and you gave him oral sex while you had a fever blister, he is at a very high risk of getting genital herpes, but even so it isn’t definite. Symptoms would probably show in aorund 4 days, 2 weeks max. They can include soreness and blistering along with a flu-like fever.

    He can get a blood test if he doesn’t develop symptoms, to see if he has it or not, but if he had just caught it the anitbodies wouldn’t show in his bloodwork for at least 3 months. If he had a positive bllod test now it would indicate an old infection, probably an oral one like yours.

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