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Can I get herpes from my girlfriend who has genital herpes when I give her oral?

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My girlfriend recently learned that her ex gave her genital herpes. Can I get herpes from her by giving her oral when she’s not experiencing an outbreak? And can I get genital herpes from her by having unprotected sex during a time when she’s not having an outbreak?




10 Responses to “Can I get herpes from my girlfriend who has genital herpes when I give her oral?”
  1. Mean Keen says:

    Yeah, all over your face dude.

    Why is she still your girlfriend?

  2. luckiekoshkerian says:

    please don’t take a chance no more oral sex and always use protection even if there is no signs of a break out u can still get it be careful

  3. Oscar C says:

    Probably, you could get herpes from your girlfriend. Avoid oral sex and get protection even in normal sex. Don’t try to push your luck too far, you might regret it.

    Good luck to you. Merry Christmas.

  4. Windy says:

    Yes. If you perform oral sex on someone with genital herpes, you run the risk of contracting the virus orally from them. If they don’t have symptoms, they are still contagious. The virus may go dormant but it doesn’t go away. It hides in the nerve cells and can surface whenever. Herpes is forever.

    Having unprotected sex puts you at an extremely high risk of contacting genital herpes. Even if there are no symptoms. Even using a condom, the body parts that touch her infected body parts can still get the virus. The virus sheds skin cells that you don’t see so even if you don’t notice any sores, they may be there.

  5. LINDA R says:

    Yes, even if she is not having an outbreak, you can get herpes from her. However, risk of transmission of herpes when there is no outbreak is much lower than when there is an outbreak.

  6. Essence of Naivete says:

    Unfortunately, there is a slight chance of transmitting the virus even when no signs of an outbreak are present. People with genital herpes experience periods of “viral shedding” when the virus is present on their skin in the infected area.

    I know it doesn’t sound fun, but safer sex practices would greatly reduce your risks. Consider using dental dams during oral sex, and always use a condom during intercourse (not 100% effective but does further reduce chances of spreading…).

    Good luck. It’s great that you are seeking out more knowledge.

  7. LINDSEY S says:

    There is less then a 10 percent chance of getting herpes when your partner does not have an out break. That is even further reduced if she was on some kind of suppressive therapy (ie Valtrex). Genital herpes can be passed to the mouth but it usually likes to live and occur on the genitals. Meaning there is a small risk of you getting herpes while she doesn’t have an out break, either on your mouth or genitals. You can use condoms when she doesn’t have an out break but I should warn you that condoms do not offer 100 percent protection against herpes, percent because they don’t cover all areas of the genitals that herpes can affect but it should cut your risk of getting herpes down a little.

  8. taylortaylor999 says:

    If she is on valtrex or a similar med and you don’t have sex during an outbreak chances of transmission are less than 1%. don’t worry about it. people make a huge deal about herpes b/c they are ignorant and uneducated. its not a big deal at all. i have it and got one outbreak then went on valtrex and havn’t gotten an outbreak in 7 years. My husband and i have been together 5 years and he hasn’t yet gotten it and we NEVER use condoms. However I would suggest seeking information from a DR or website not yahoo answers. Many people have no clue what they are talking about on here.

  9. Richardson says:

    Herpes is highly contagious. Chance are extremely high for you to contact the disease even if your girlfriend does not show any outbreak. Why take the risk?

  10. Steve qa says:

    She is good liar! Not!

    Is this is a dumb question? Yes, you can, and probably have do have it, and you can get it all over your face!

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