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Can you transmit the herpes virus to your genital area if you have a cold sore?

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I had a cold sore about a week ago, now im not sure but I’m starting to get the signs of genital herpes. I’m going to go get tested soon but I am curious if you have a cold sore and you touch it and accidentally touch your genitals if you can get genital herpes that way.



3 Responses to “Can you transmit the herpes virus to your genital area if you have a cold sore?”
  1. Alli says:

    Yes. It’s called self-reinfection.

    If you touch a cold sore and then rub or touch your genital area, you can spread herpes to you genital area, which could cause you to develop genital herpes.

    It’s also possible to spread herpes to other parts of your body like your eyes. If you touch a cold sore and then accidentally rub your eyes, you can get ocular herpes (herpes of the eye).

    This is why it is SO important to always wash your hands after touching a herpes sore. Take care!

  2. Me!! says:

    There are several different strains of herpes… the one that causes cold sores is different than the one that causes herpes. Check out to verify that I am correct.

  3. Harmony says:

    It is possible as the virus is spread from skin to skin contact, but it isn’t common.

    Remember though that cold sores are herpes simplex type I (or HSV I) but there is another strain of the virus (HSV type II) which typically occurs in the genital region. You may have contracted HSV type II through some form of sexual activity.


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